Critical Information Summary


Information About the Service

The DCSI OptiComm service delivers high-speed internet access using the OptiComm Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP) network.

Requirements and Availability

Services are only available to premises located within OptiComm service areas. Please visit the OptiComm website to check your premises – Click Here


An Optical Network Unit (ONU) and fibre lead-in cable must be installed prior to the provisioning of the service. The customer deals with OptiComm directly to arrange the service installation; charges may apply.

You may need to be in attendance for the installation of equipment at your premises. OptiComm will advise you if this is required.

OptiComm services require a compatible and compliant router configured with your service details. DCSI provides a standard wi-fi router with all OptiComm services. Upgraded router options are available for an additional cost.

Minimum Term

There is no minimum term and you can cancel your service without incurring any additional fees.

Information About Pricing

Plan Data Allowance Speed (up to) Total Min & Max Price
Per Month
Total Min Price
1 Month of Service1
Unit Cost
Per 1GB Data
Premiere Starter 100 GB 12/1 Mbps $40.00 $116.00 $0.40
Premiere Fast 100 GB 25/5 Mbps $45.00 $121.00 $0.45
Red Carpet Fast 250 GB 25/5 Mbps $50.00 $126.00 $0.20
Entertainment Very Fast 1000 GB 50/20 Mbps $60.00 $136.00 $0.06
Director's Cut Very Fast 2000 GB 50/20 Mbps $70.00 $146.00 $0.04
Director's Cut Max Speed 2000 GB 100/40 Mbps $80.00 $156.00 $0.04
Backstage Pass Very Fast 8000 GB 50/20 Mbps $90.00 $166.00 $0.01
Backstage Pass Max Speed 8000 GB 100/40 Mbps $100.00 $176.00 $0.01
Blockbuster Very Fast 16000 GB 50/20 Mbps $100.00 $176.00 < $0.01
Blockbuster Max Speed 16000 GB 100/40 Mbps $110.00 $186.00 < $0.01

1 The Total Min Price for 1 Month of Service is the cost of a service provided for just one month; that is, any installation/establishment fees (if applicable), plus the cost of the selected plan for one month, and the cost of terminating the service (if applicable)

Typical Evening Speeds

Plan Speed (up to) Typical Evening Download Speed
12/1 Mbps 5-12 Mbps
25/5 Mbps 15-25 Mbps
50/20 Mbps 30-50 Mbps
100/40 Mbps 60-100 Mbps

Need Help Selecting a Plan?

User Type Typical Usage Estimated Data Recommended Speed
Light User
250 GB 25/5 Mbps
Average User
500 GB 50/20 Mbps
500 GB 100/40 Mbps
1000 GB 100/40 Mbps
2000 GB 100/40 Mbps

Other Information

Setup Fee

A setup fee of $76.00 applies to OptiComm services. New customers are required to pay the first monthly charge and any applicable setup costs up-front. Fees may be refundable if activation of the service is unsuccessful for any reason after the customer returns the provided modem/router. This fee excludes any applicable "Special Linkage Charges" required to connect your service. For example: Lead-in cabling, in building cabling, repeater installations or non-standard installation requirements.

Fee for Service

A Fee for Service may be charged for any works conducted by DCSI or its third party access providers to resolve a service fault where the fault is not found to be on DCSI or its third party access provider’s networks. This Fee for Service is variable and the details of the possible fee(s) will be disclosed to you prior to the works commencing or the booking of an appointment. They are subject to the customers’ approval before proceeding.

If the customer rejects the possibility of a Fee for Service, it is possible that a service fault cannot be resolved by DCSI or its third party access providers.

Residential Grade Service

The service speed of your plan is a theoretical maximum and service uptime is reliant on the third party access provider who make no guarantees for uptime or repair time frames. DCSI connections are residential grade services with no guarantee of consistent speeds or uptime. Download speed is dependent on a number of variables beyond our control, including your local network configuration and the potential for congestion on third party networks.

If you are seeking a Business Grade Service please visit or call 03 5624 1199.

Connection speed

The service speed of your plan is a theoretical maximum. DCSI connections are residential grade services with no guarantee of consistent speeds. Download speed is dependent on a number of variables beyond our control, including your local network configuration and the potential for congestion on networks.

Excess Data Usage

Both uploads and downloads contribute towards your monthly data allowance. You will not be charged any extra for exceeding your data allowance Instead, your service will be slowed ("shaped") to 512Kbps in both directions for the first 500 MB in excess of your limit, and 256Kbps in both directions thereafter.

Usage Information

To obtain information on your broadband data usage, or to purchase additional monthly "data blocks" visit

Customer Service Contact Details

You can contact DCSI's Customer Service team by:

  • Calling 1300 665 575
  • Emailing
  • Submitting a web form – Click Here
Dispute Resolution Process

If you are not satisfied with our customer service, you can escalate the matter by contacting us and asking to speak to a manager.

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO)

If, after following the above process, you are still not satisfied with the outcome, then you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) for independent mediation. The TIO can be contacted by phone on 1800 062 058 or online at