Kathmandu Orb Kids Sleeping Bag x 3

$45 each | Ellinbank

Kathmandu Insulite Kids Semi Rectangular Insulated Sleeping Bag V2 x 3 in excellent used condition. All laundered and set to go for your next adventure with the kids. Our kids have grown out of them. Fair weather bag with no temp rating, but we have overnighted in Wilsons Prom multiple times with these and they have had school camp action. Kids always were warm. New from Kathmandu are $89.98 so I'll sell them at half that at $45 each. Buy all three at once and I'll give you a discount. Please email. Collect Warragul or Ellinbank. Will keep on DCSI until after Easter and then post on Facebook marketplace if not sold.

2 x Pink and Purple 1 x Blue and Orange

Original stuff sacks included.

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