Suzuki motor scooter

$11000 | Drouin east

AS NEW SUZUKI scooter motorbike. BURGMAN 650. please read all online articles as proof of this wonderful machine. reluctant sale. THIS SCOOTER is not being ridden enough. its a beautiful step-through motorbike. IT LOOKS LIKE A SCOOTER, but underneath its a very speedy and very trusty bike. IT HAS AN AUTOMATIC GEARBOX , so is extremely easy to ride. VERY low ks. I HAVE ADDED A BACKREST , and a laminated lip to the windscreen. it will cruise all day at any speed you desire. Being a 650 cc engine it has heaps of power. ITS LIKE SITTING IN YOUR FAVOURITE ARMCHAIR, but you arent...... I AM JUST GETTING A BIT TOO OLD TO BE RIDING.

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