Carbon based soil conditioner, for farmers and gardners

$100.00 delivered in Warragul are | Poowong, Victoria.

This soil conditioner and fertiliser is 99% carbon and the soil and animals love it. It has been used in Europe for 600 years and is totally organic and registered. I use it on my farm and have done so for 25 years. With the government working towards carbon sequestion in the soil, this will give you a head start on improving your environment, as well as making the health of your animals improve and so, lower your farming costs and make your animals happier to work with you. This product is known as Humusplus4 and is not a chemical fertiliser, but can be used with other types of products to suit any type of soil. The Humusplus4 is safe to handle, easier to use and does a much better job than the competition. You can use it any time of the year and keep it in the open for months before spreading with no adverse action. Use at 500 Kgs a hectare. See my web page at Talk to me about your needs.

Jeff Clark. Ph. 0419 542 203

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